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Hosting a Virtual Party

January 27, 2021

Hosting a Virtual Party

Well, it's been a hot minute since we've posted anything here.  We kept busy all of last year with pandemic desserts and virtual parties.  Speaking of Virtual Parties, here's some information on hosting one if you are thinking about it.

The type of event you host will determine the type of dessert you may want for your party.  Cake Jars are great for any type of event!  For showers you may want to add a Decorated Sugar cookie to each box and for birthday parties a confetti cookie is always a good choice!  We've helped a lot of people with their virtual events and they have customized their boxes with things like plastic cups that say "Cheers" to Teddy Grahams for bingo chips to small bottles of champagne for a retirement party.  Sometimes people send these items to us to add to their box and sometimes we are able to purchase them for you.  

When holding a Zoom celebration it's important to schedule some events or else it's just another meeting.  The event could be singing Happy Birthday with the birthday boy or girl blowing out candles (we can include those too) or playing a game (like Bingo).  Everyone appreciates dessert and getting a slice of cake at the party, so having a gift box sent to everyone is the highlight of the virtual gathering.  What you don't want to do is have the guests watch only the birthday girl or boy eating the cake!

We are the best in helping you host a virtual party because we have the experience you need for hosting a special event and we offer an impeccable service:

  • Cake Jars in a variety of flavors.  Our cake gets excellent reviews and people love this for their virtual celebrations.
  • Cookies in a variety of flavors, including decorated cookies customized for the event.
  • We know which shipping service is fastest for your event based on where you live, and we use that.  For outside IL that is two day shipping via FedEx.  For in state that could be UPS when we can get one day shipping.  FedEx and UPS will not deliver to PO Boxes and those boxes can only be shipped USPS which takes longer than two days.  During a pandemic 99% of our deliveries have been on time, even during the holidays.  We use one to two day shipping because we ship a perishable item and like it to arrive timely and safely for guests to enjoy.  There may be cheaper shipping options but after five years shipping we have found we know which routes are best for our food gifts.
  • You can send us the addresses in excel format and we will input them into our system and you will get shipping notifications.  This takes some admin time to accomplish versus having customers input all of the orders into the website themselves, but we are happy to do it as a service to our customers so they can have the best experience for their event.
  • Custom top jar labels to make your event more festive.
  • Cake that is fresh and preservative free, just like all the other cakes we bake for weddings, birthdays and events.
  • Boxes packed with care in an attractive gift box so that your guests feel special.

So if you are hosting a virtual event, contact us at and let's get started on that order!


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