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Celebration Coffee

Cake and coffee make the perfect pairing!  Coffee Over Cardio's flavors make a fun gift surprise with unique flavors like Birthday Cake, Chocolate Donut and  Cinnamon Bun.  100% Arabica coffee with no added sugars.  Each 12 oz bag is ground for drip coffee.

Messy Bun Cinnamon Bun has a warm cinnamon taste with a dash of hazelnut. (Pairs perfect with Vanilla and Churro cake, yoga pants and messy buns!)

Birthday Cake is a Costa Rican bean crossed with high quality vanilla extracts. (Perfect with any type of celebration cake, just like buttercream!)

Saturdaze Chocolate Donut is divine!  It's chocolatey and caramel-ly --just like a donut on Saturday morning!  Pairs perfectly with Chocolate cake or Salty Caramel cake!)


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