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Who are we?  We're a team of people who believe that life is too short to not eat the cake.  We believe in celebrating all of life's special moments.  And yes, we also believe that cake is not just for birthdays.  In fact, it's perfectly ok to pull a cake jar out of your purse while you're sitting at the salon waiting for your highlights to cover the grays or in the bathtub on spa day.

It all started as sisters Nina and Michelle were sitting at the table eating cake and drinking coffee while lamenting the fact that their career driven lives did not afford much time for hobbies or free time.  They recalled their youth, growing up in a small Midwestern town, running barefoot through their grandparents' garden, picking fruit to make into jams, tarts and pies.  Their grandmother always had a cake in the fridge and the coffeepot full.  Sundays were for family dinners and birthday celebrations with lots of cousins. 

And that's the moment that the Sugar Sisters decided to start baking together.  They hadn't intended on starting a business, taking on selling at three farmer's markets only a few months after that cake & coffee epiphany, or building a retail shop reminiscent of their Grandma's kitchen.   But that's what they did.  They didn't follow a business plan, or even have one.  Armed with their recipes, their grandparents' work ethic, and their ability to connect with people, they jumped right in and started baking with love and a determination to make the world a little brighter and the pace a little slower.  The more people that came to taste their cake, the more their business grew and the more they baked.  They baked so much they got to meet Barbara Corcoran, Donnie Wahlberg, Jenny McCarthy and even the Fonz. 

When loyal customers begged the Sugar Sisters to ship their cakes to their families in other states, the sisters decided to jump right into that too.  After many years of sitting down with their customers over cake and coffee, the sisters know that people get joy out of celebrating.  They want to give them cake that is worthy of that celebration---something that will create the type of memories they recall from their own youth:  that feeling of sitting around the table surrounded by cousins and Grandparents, sharing laughs and eating their favorite cake.  Those memories never fade.

So began another adventure. . . .


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