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About our Bakery. . .

The Sugar Path is owned by two sisters:  Michelle and Nina.  Unhappy with the hurried pace of our professional careers, we gathered over cake and coffee reminiscing about the slower pace of our childhood.  Raised in a small, Midwest town, our grandparents made every day special with homegrown and home baked goods.  Every Sunday dinner and every birthday was celebrated with cake.  With the family gathered around the table and the smell of coffee brewing, our senses evoke memories to last a lifetime. . . 


We decided to throw caution to the wind and delve into the art of flour, sugar and all things buttercream.  We started with selling the first cupcake at a local farmer's market and then built a retail bakeshop and a thriving catering business in the wedding industry.  When our customers requested us to ship them cake, we stuffed it into jars and packed it into boxes.  Then. . we met Barbara Corcoran when we won her Seal of Approval award and started doing more of it.  



We bake to order with the best ingredients.  We use real butter, the highest quality vanilla and European chocolate.  We are a small business that believes in supporting our community and spreading sweetness, one cake jar at a time.  We are sisters, female entrepreneurs, career changers, moms and dog lovers.  



Thank you for stopping by our page.  Please drop us a note at thesugarpath@gmail.com






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