Hot weather is here! Reminder that we are only shipping out Monday thru Wednesday now! . . . . . . . . . . Please note that we will be on a summer shipping break July & August while our site is being updated!

About Us


Our customers affectionately call us the "Sugar Sisters".  We hadn't intended on starting a business, selling our cakes at a farmer's market (then three) in our first season, or building a retail shop.  We definitely couldn't foresee shipping our cake nationwide.  But we did all of that. . .and more.  Our dreams started as young girls in our Grandma's kitchen and continued to gnaw at us as we were stressed out corporate professionals.  When we decided to start baking we just threw caution to the wind and hoped that what our grandparents taught us would work:  Be kind, Work hard, Bake with love.  We didn't have a business plan, but we did have an ability to connect with people and our grandparent's work ethic.  So we baked, followed that, and our business grew.  We hope to make the world a little slower, the celebrations a little more memorable and the connections a lot more deeper. 

We've been fortunate to meet people like Donnie Wahlberg, Jenny McCarthy, the Fonz and Barbara Corcoran.  We've also been blessed with many wonderful customers.  We hope you become one of them!


As we began to ship cake, many people requested other items be added to their boxes.  We soon realized we were the only gifting business adding fresh baked cake to ship as gifts.  Anyone can ship a box of chocolates that hang out in a warehouse for months.  But a fresh baked cake?  That's our specialty.  Whether you want cake to celebrate a birthday, a new job, a life, spa day or Netflix night. . .our gifts always make someone feel special.