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Cake Jar Flavors


Vanilla Celebration:  Our Vanilla is no plain jane!  We worked hard to perfect our vanilla recipe!  Vanilla cake layered with creamy vanilla buttercream that includes real vanilla!  Topped with sprinkles.  

Chocolate Celebration:  Our chocolate cake is rich, moist and flavorful!  We layer it with vanilla buttercream and top it with festive sprinkles.

Churro:  A TSP original and most requested flavor!  Cinnamon cake topped with creamy vanilla buttercream and a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar.

Coconut:  Just like it sounds---but we make the best coconut cake around!  Our Coconut cake is the most popular cake we sell in our shop.  Coconut cake layered with creamy coconut buttercream and sweetened coconut flakes.

Peanut Butter Cookie:  We created this flavor after one of our favorite Girl Scout cookies!  Peanut Butter cake is surrounded with creamy peanut butter buttercream, chocolate fudge and homemade peanut butter cookie crumbles.

Salty Caramel:  Our Salty Caramel cupcake is iconic so it was the first we turned into a Cake Jar!  Chocolate cake layered with creamy vanilla buttercream, homemade caramel sauce and sea salt.

Milk n Cookies:  A classic favorite turned into a cake!  Chocolate chip cake layered with vanilla buttercream and chocolate chip cookie crumbles.

Chocolate Cookie:  Who doesn't love an Oreo?  We use real Oreos in the buttercream, top our chocolate cake with it and crumble up more for the top.

Chocolate Commotion:  This is our most popular chocolate cake jar.  Chocolate cake layered with creamy chocolate buttercream, homemade fudge and chocolate chips.  If you love chocolate, you will become addicted!

Cake of the Month:  Our cake of the month changes monthly.  It is always a seasonal favorite!

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ALLERGEN INFORMATION:  We are a real bakery that bakes with real ingredients including Flour, Dairy and Nuts.  We use coconut milk in many of our products.  There are no hidden peanuts in our products, but if you have an allergy to nuts we suggest you do not eat our products as we are not a nut free bakery.  Our Gluten Free products do not contain gluten, but we are not a dedicated gluten free bakery.  Our Vegan products do not contain dairy, but we are not a dedicated dairy free bakery.  While we are careful and cleanly, we recommend that if you are allergic to any of these ingredients that you do not consume our products for your safety.