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Ordering for a Special Occasion?

please read this before ordering

Please note that there are shipping delays throughout the world due to COVID-19.  We have always shipped USPS Priority Mail because it is the most economical for our customers.  We are happy to give you a quote for next day air service if you have a dessert emergency!  However, if you are using our normal shipping, please note the following guidelines:

  • Shipping times are currently 1 to 5 days depending where in the United States you are sending your gift.  We have noticed that it may take up to 5 days to reach the Southeast, East and Mountain regions.
  • We bake fresh to order.  We only bake in the morning for orders that came in 48 hours before.  We need time to get your order, process it and put it in the queue for our pastry team before we pack it and ship it because we are getting hundreds of orders weekly.  We only have one location located in the suburbs of Chicago and our team is hand making your products (with love and care!).
  • We recommend putting your orders in at least 7 days before you need them delivered.  
  • We try to ship to arrive prior to the day you need it to arrive just to offset the shipping delays that all U.S. shippers are experiencing currently.  While we wish we could guarantee shipping on the day of the special event, we cannot.  We would be happy to put a "No peeking until ___" notice on your box however!    
  • If you only give us a lead time of one to two days before the day you need it to arrive, it will likely not arrive on time.  It definitely will not arrive on time if your recipient is anywhere other than the Chicago area because that doesn't allow us time to put it on our baking schedule, let alone a shipping time of 1 to 5 days.
  • If you have any questions at all, please reach out!  We are striving hard to help you with your celebrations and will do everything we can to make that happen!  Just email
  • Even if shipments are delayed we like to remind ourselves that our loved ones appreciate our gifts even if they do not arrive on a certain day.  In a pandemic such as this, the human connection and caring is what we are all seeking.  We know the special dates are still important, but the feedback we receive from your recipients is so heartfelt and genuine---we know how excited they are to get your gifts and they are truly enjoying  what they are receiving.  This all helps us with our mission----EVERYDAY is a reason to celebrate!!!!
  • We hope this helps.  We hope everything gets back to normal soon, especially shipping times!

XOXO,The Sugar Path

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