Our Cake of the Month is Pumpkin Spice!


Shipping Information:

We ship nationwide in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.  We do not ship outside the United States at this time.  We cannot guarantee a delivery date and offer no refunds for your order not being delivered on a date picked by you.

After your order is submitted by you it will go to our kitchen and be baked either in the order it is received (if no date is given for delivery) or by order of the date of your special celebration.  Please note that just like your neighborhood baker there are days we are closed.  We do not ship on the weekends.  We try to ship only Monday thru Wednesday so that our desserts stay in great shape for you and don't spend a weekend in a hot shipping facility.  

Shipping costs for a small box is $10.99 and for a large box is $13.54.  We have implemented warm weather packaging for all of our boxes---it is not something you need to purchase separately like some other sites.  Your desserts will ship with ice packs and be safe for the two day journey to you---we have tested it!

We understand your celebrations are important and we ship to get it to your specified location on the date range you select.  We understand that situations arise that you may need your order more quickly than usual.  If you need alternate shipping methods and are willing to pay the increased price, simply contact us and we can ship your order via FedEx overnight.  

Why do you ask for a date range for delivery?: 

We ask for a date range so we know when you would like your desserts and then do our best to get them to you on that date.  We cannot guarantee delivery on a certain date because we are not UPS, USPS or FedEx.

If you submit your order on the weekend when we are closed and want it to arrive on Monday or Tuesday, unfortunately that is not possible given we are closed on the weekends.  Once we get back into the bakery we will need to process your order, bake your order and ship your order---and all of that takes a few days.  Also, we currently do not ship on the weekends so we try to time your order for as close to the time you request.

Will FedEx or UPS deliver to me on a weekend?

FedEx and UPS do not deliver on weekends.  If you want weekend delivery please call us for the pricing.

Will my desserts be ok during the 2 day shipping time?

Yes.  In warm climate we ship with an ice pack.  Our desserts do not require refrigeration but we ship with an ice pack to reduce melting.  When it is very hot out you should refrigerate your jars when you get them to help the cake recover from the journey.  Unfortunately, boxes may be tossed upside down during shipping and the icing will cling to the lid. This is out of our control.  It is safe to eat, perhaps not as pretty as when it left us, but all you have to do is put it in the fridge to firm up.