Shipping Information:

Please note that nationwide shipping times are delayed generally during COVID-19.  Because of this we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

At this time we only ship in the United States (Alaska and Hawaii included)

Please note the days we will ship your order (the days it leaves our bakeshop):

We understand your celebrations are important and we ship to get it to your specified location on the date you select.  Shipments leaving from our bakery generally require 1 to 3 days shipping time.  We bake to order Tuesday thru Saturday meaning we require at least 48 hours notice of your order before we ship it. At this time, we have noticed delays with shipments going to Western United States.  We recommend you getting those orders in with at least 7 days notice to us so that we can ship timely.    

General Shipping Times:


Our cake jars have a shelf life of 10 days from the date we bake them.  You can extend that time by freezing your cakes upon receipt.  This is cake without preservatives just like you bake cake at home----use your judgment as to how long you want to keep it.  Some of our customers put their cake in the refrigerator or freezer to extend shelf life but this is not required as none of our cakes require refrigeration.  

We understand that situations arise that you may need your order more quickly than usual.  If you need alternate shipping methods and are willing to pay the increased price, simply contact us and we can ship your order via FedEx or UPS overnight according to your specifications.  Email

Weather and Temperature:

We have carefully selected desserts to ship that maintain their quality during the shipping process.  However, weather and temperature may affect the stability of the desserts being shipped. Our cakes are frosted with buttercream and buttercream melts in hot weather.  If your order is being shipped to an area where the temperature is above 78 degrees please pay attention to tracking information you receive so someone can be home to accept the order.   


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