January's Cake of the Month is Vanilla Oreo!


Shipping Information:

Shipping time is two days after it leaves our shop (excluding deliveries to P.O. Boxes).  During Warm Weather months our shipping schedule is as follows:

Shipping in Illinois:  We ship Monday thru Thursday.  We do local deliveries Tuesday thru Saturday.  All orders require a processing time of 48 business hours before shipping out or being delivered.  See below for more shipping info. 

Shipping outside Illinois:  We ship Monday thru Wednesday.  All orders require a processing time of 48 hours.  If we get your order by Monday, it can ship that week.  If we get your order after Wednesday, it will ship the following Monday.  If you request a Monday or Tuesday delivery date the shipping time is four days (not advised due to possible melting).

We do not have same day shipping, and cannot ship out the day we receive your order.  

If you have a dessert emergency, email hello@thesugarpath.com to inquire pricing for shipping overnight.  We will need the shipping address to give you a price and what you want to order.



We cannot guarantee a delivery date and offer no refunds for your order not being delivered on a date picked by you.  We can offer no refunds if your order is not delivered on time as once the order leaves our hands it is controlled by UPS, FedEx or USPS, not us.  We do everything we can to get your order delivered timely but if you give us ONE date and not a DATE RANGE as requested, it is extremely difficult to guarantee delivery on that one date when we are not the shipping company unless you pay for overnight guaranteed delivery.  We hope you understand our plight.  We know your celebrations are important to you and we care, which is why we monitor the dates closely and try to ship early as long as we get enough notice from you.

Why do you ask for a date range for delivery?: 

We ask for a date range so we know when you would like your desserts and then do our best to get them to you on that date.  We cannot guarantee delivery on a certain date because we are not UPS, USPS or FedEx.  Even if you get your order in early, we time the delivery to ship to get to the recipient on the date you picked.  If you give us only one date, we try our best but we are not the shipping company and especially cannot control the pandemic shipping delays.  We also do not locally deliver on days we are closed:  Sunday and Monday.

Will FedEx or UPS deliver to me on a weekend?

FedEx Express and UPS do not deliver on weekends unless you pay extra for Saturday delivery.  If you want weekend delivery please call us for the pricing.  USPS will deliver on Saturdays.  No service delivers on Sunday.

Will my desserts be ok during shipping?

Yes. We pack carefully and the shelf life is 10 days from when the desserts leave us.  We don't bake with preservatives so when you get your desserts, eat them or freeze them.  We highly recommend the two day shipping (received Wednesday thru Friday) for this reason.  If you request Monday or Tuesday delivery then the shipping time is four days not two.