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Business Gifting


Your competitors are doing something you may not be. They’re generating referrals by delighting their current customers, keeping their employees happy and by getting new customers to their business. How do we know this? Because they may be one of the thousands of businesses we work with to do this! 

We work with many businesses for their virtual events and business gifting---and we would love to work with you too!

Corporate Gifting doesn’t just happen at the holidays. It happens on special days like birthdays and anniversaries, it happens for life events like a new job, house or baby, and it happens for no reason at all (which creates an even greater attachment to your business).

How do we help businesses get more referrals and keep their customers delighted? We ship the biggest celebration treat that exists: CAKE. The link between celebrations and cake dates back to the Roman Empire and has progressed through time by adding candles and celebratory songs. Besides cake we also ship comfort foods like cookies and holiday favorite pies. Who doesn’t have a good memory from a cookie or a holiday meal that involved home baked pie? We are not just in the celebration business—-we are in the memory making business. We help to create memories that last.

Businesses use our services in two ways to celebrate their clients, employees and vendors: by ordering directly from our ecommerce site when the need arises OR by reaching out to us at so we can discuss having you become one of our concierge members.


Making someone else feel special is one way to protect your customer list.


  • Order on your own as you need at (our ecommerce site)

  • Get help for larger orders by emailing

  • Join our Concierge Service by emailing  Concierge service means we maintain your gift recipient list and ship out as you planned ahead of time then bill you accordingly.


  • You provide us with your client list, addresses, budget for each client and how many boxes and at what time you want sent. If you want to celebrate special days, such as birthdays, provide us with that as well.  You can even ship us a box of your business cards and we will include one with every gift sent to your clients!

  • We handle the curation within your budget, the administration associated with keeping your dates in order, and the shipping of your gift on time. Once you give us the list and the budget, your job is done until the referrals start rolling in.

  • Estimate between $25 and $75 for each box, plus our Concierge fee.  

  • For more questions, contact  An example of our Realtor's card is below: