BIG! Cake Jar

Our NEW 32 oz. Cake Jar really brings the party!  

This big cake jar contains a small cake that weighs nearly 2 pounds!  Feeds 2 people generously and enough for up to 4.  Our cake jars contain cake and frosting---just like a cake but layered in a jar for easy portability.  Makes a great Valentine's dessert!

Cake Jar comes in any of our cake flavors.  


Baking and Shipping Info:


We bake to order.  Our shipping days are Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  After receiving your order it takes approximately 24 to 48 hours to process (which means if we receive it on Monday it will ship on Wednesday.  If we receive your order on Thursday it will ship on Saturday.  Shipping time is two to three days, priority mail.  In warm weather please track your package and make sure someone is home to receive it as cake with frosting melts in the sun!  

After you place your order in the shopping cart please verify the accuracy of the information on the next page where you put in your credit card.  We only receive the information on that order page and if something is missing, we will not receive it.  We will make every attempt to get your order to you on a date specified by you, but cannot guarantee shipper won't encounter unforeseen circumstances.  Please contact us with special requests and concerns. 

Before placing item in cart please fill out gift message.  If nothing is filled out the gift card will be blank.  


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